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Found my new toy 

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Beskids, Czech Republic | Vojtech Bruzek

Love the northwest

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In the first pic you see the tandem chain drive axle I’ll have in my 6x6. I want my 6x6 to be a jeep or a ram. I’ll need it to be light cause making a 6x6 you’re gonna have more friction so I need to cut back on weight so aluminum is the way to go. My drivetrain will have to be a cummins with either biodiesel so I can make it myself or natural gas cause she’s gonna be drinking a lot of go go juice. Mount that up with a 6 speed sequential shift manual transmission or a 9 speed automatic. Mounted to an Atlas 4 speed transfer case with that tandem chain drive axle and a dana 60 front axle.

It should be called “FEED ME JEEPS!”

Awesome thank you from @truck_guru @ramseydiesel and @employee96
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